Our aim is to connect donors, students, medical professionals, and community members with stories from the students we sponsor.

About Medic to Medic

Medic to Medic was set up in 2007 by Kate Mandeville, a British doctor who was born in Malawi. She was struck by the fact that poor but able medical students were struggling to get through their courses due to lack of funds. Many of these students spent their spare time trying to find extra funding rather than focusing on their studies. Yet these students were the ones more likely to stay and work in Malawi. And the sums involved were tiny compared to educating a medical student in Western countries.

Our Aims

Health workers

We aim to support trainee healthcare workers throughout their education, so that they can perform to the best of their ability. We want to add to the absolute numbers of health workers in training, in order that there are more graduates in countries with critical shortages.

Equity and Access

We target those who are under represented in the health professions, such as women or those from rural areas. We want to increase the numbers of health workers working in rural areas, so that everyone has equal access to healthcare.


We hope to raise awareness of the different conditions facing health professionals worldwide and an appreciation of the global health community.

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