Support our Vitality Half Marathon Runners

Four medical professionals, three from Malawi and a GP in Yorkshire, are running the Vitality Half Marathon 2021 in London this Sunday, August 22 to raise vital funds for students needing health training in Malawi. 

They will be running a 13.1-mile closed-road course through London boroughs of Tower Hamlets, Southwark, Lewisham and Greenwich. To see the route map, click here

Fanuuel, Eustina and Merai are running as Team Malawi. Donate here

Fanuel is a physiotherapist and master’s student in Cardiorespirtory Physiotherapy at the University College London, and a former Medic to Medic beneficiary. 

He says:

“Hi! My name is Fanuel from Malawi. 

I am excited to fundraise for Medic to Medic by running for it in the Vitality Big Half 2021 on 22 August 2021. M2M is a charity organisation from which I have benefited myself. The charity supports the training of health students in Africa who are at risk of dropping out from their courses due to financial difficulties or family background. My undergraduate physiotherapy studies at the University of Malawi, College of Medicine, were sponsored by M2M. Specifically, it paid for my school fees to complete my studies, as well as provided me with learning equipment such as laptop computer, books, and physiotherapy toolkit. This Vitality Big Half 2021 is my opportunity to give something back!

But M2M depends on the monetary contributions of potential donors like you. I, therefore, encourage you to donate to M2M with any amount you can afford.

Your donation will enable M2M sponsor the undergraduate studies of resource-underprivileged health students in Africa, thereby also strengthening Africa’s health systems.”

Dr. Eustina is a former Medic to Medic student as well. 

She says:

“I got sponsored by Medic to Medic during my medical school years in Malawi. It contributed to my success and made my training bearable through paying my school fees and providing resources needed for my training. I would like to help other students to attain their goal. And will be part of the team to raise funds through the Vitality Half Marathon!!”

Dr. Merai is currently training in internal medicine in Norfolk. While she herself was not a Medic to Medic student, she took part in a similar scholarship programme and is keen to support other needy medical students in Malawi.

She says:

“My name is Merai. I graduated from Malawi College of Medicine in 2012. I am currently doing my internal medicine training in Norfolk, UK. I am excited to be running in the Vitality Big Half Marathon to raise funds for needy healthcare students through Medic to Medic. Although I was not sponsored by M2M myself, I was a beneficiary of a scholarship program that took me through medical school. Any amount of contribution will go a long way in supporting a health care student in need.”

Andy is a GP in Yorkshire and is also running to support Medic to Medic.

Support Andy here

He says:

“Medic to Medic was founded in 2007 to address the problems of training and retaining medical students in some of the world’s poorest countries.

For their first country, they chose Malawi. Like so many sub-Saharan countries, Malawi is desperately short of doctors. It had just two doctors per 100 000 people. The UK has over 230 per 100 000.

Medic to Medic helps by supporting poor but bright students through medical school, who might otherwise drop out. They cover their tuition fees and give them allowances for equipment and books. They link them to individuals in the UK, who provide them with personal support. They help them after graduation until they can support themselves and work as much needed doctors locally.

Their scheme to support medical students has been so successful that they now also support physiotherapists, pharmacists, nurses, mental health workers, clinical officers and optometrists in Malawi.”

Huge THANK YOU to Fanuel, Eustina, Merai and Andy for your hard work training to run 13.1 miles while raising money to help students through their medical studies. 

Support Team Malawi

Support Andy

To learn more about Medic to Medic and how you can support needy health students please visit our website at

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