An Overlooked but Remarkably Crucial Study Tool: The Humble Laptop

Earlier this year we received a £3000 grant from the Souter Charitable Trust to supply 10 laptops to our student community in Malawi. In September, we purchased these new laptops in Blantyre, which have now been distributed to our existing student community at the College of Medicine. 

Laptops are an overlooked but remarkably crucial study tool, and are extremely important to our students for a myriad of reasons.

For starters, there are very few computers at university libraries and these resources are in high demand. Libraries close early and students finish placements late. 

“I would like to extend my gratitude to all sponsors and the M2M team for the gift of laptops. The laptop has come in time when I need it most. As you might be aware that currently we are doing online learning due to Covid 19 pandemic, I was struggling to do assignments and other school work since I had been using a phone for studies. But now I am able to do all school work at home, at any time and it is like a dream which has come true. For this I am so thankful. May God bless you all. Thank you!”

Katrina, MBBS 3 student

A laptop means that students do not need to spend money printing lecture notes and can organise their time and study after the library has closed. 

Malawi, like many African countries, is frequented by power outages. Laptops ensure each student is able to continue studying after blackouts have occurred. 

Additionally, educational information can be researched on the internet, reducing the need for purchasing hardcopy books which are often expensive. 

Because laptops help students overcome all these obstacles, they actually increase the likelihood of students passing exams and successfully graduating as health workers, ultimately increasing health service capacity.

In this short youtube video, Medic to Medic founder Dr. Kate Mandeville discusses the importance of laptops for our student community:

“I would like to express my appreciation over the laptop you just gave me for my studies. It came at a time I badly needed it and indeed it brought joy to myself and my family. The time we are busy studying online and writing assignments and the laptop is of great significance. I can now study at any time and at any place I want. I am very thankful and words alone cannot express how grateful I am. I would like to encourage you to continue supporting us tirelessly on our studies, you are the reason we are still at college of medicine.”

Daniel, physiotherapy student at the College of Medicine

We aim to give all students a laptop (inclusive of bag and security cable) after being sponsored for one year. A laptop bag and security cable ensures laptops are well maintained and reduces the risk of theft. 

In the past we have purchased laptops, cables and bags in Lilongwe, where we have direct contact with a supplier. This way, we not only support a local business, but also reduce shipment and duty costs, meaning more funds can instead directly support students. 

A massive thank you to the Souter Charitable Trust for making this possible. We are forever grateful for these opportunities to support our student community with the adjuncts to education that are so important for ongoing learning and building the next generation of health workers for the future.

Some more words from our students:

“I would like to extend my word of gratitude through you to all those well-wishers that have contributed towards the donation of a laptop to me. The new laptop will help me a lot especially during my studies. It is my responsibility to take care of this new laptop as per your advice.”

Gift Kanyinji, MBBS 3 student at the College of Medicine

“Thank you very much M2M and the donors for the warmest support rendered to me from time to time. Your good will for me always leaves a wide smile on my face. The laptop in my hands is something I am and will forever be grateful for. My studies will be bearable now, talk of information searching on the internet, typing and submitting assignments as well as back up for my study materials. I will try my level best to take care of the laptop so as to let it last for the entire study duration. Once again thank you very much. May God richly bless you!”

Patience Ngwira, physiotherapy student at the College of Medicine

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Medic to Medic and all donors that contributed towards a brand new laptop and cover to me. I am very thankful for these precious gifts. Since I had a malfunction laptop and with this new one the problems I used to experience are now all gone. Once again thanks so much.”

Patricia, Medic to Medic student

Thank you to all our supporters and donors who make our student support possible.


Medical Students Perception Towards E-Learning During Covid-19 Pandemic

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