Disruption and Disappointment During Covid 19: Nursing Student Sophlet’s Story

Sophlet Blackson is one of our female nursing students. Like many of our students, school closures due to Covid 19 was disruptive and frightening. She spent time at home with her parents helping to harvest farm crops.

She writes:

I hope you are all fine there. Here we are all fine too. God is still providing us with good health and may He continue doing the same to you all there throughout this Covid19 pandemic.

During clinical attachment I had good experiences from both Nurses on duty and Doctors. These Doctors and Nurses were able to teach us other patients’ care on their own free time. In ICU, I learned how to manage patients on mechanical ventilator and also performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation on patients with episodes of cardiac arrest. In the Casualty department, I had a chance from one of the doctors to suture a laceration on a head on a patient who was assaulted.

Now things have changed due to incoming of Covid 19. It has absolutely altered a lot of things negatively.

On 13th January 2020, we continued with Medical Surgical Nursing 3 attachment at Kamuzu Central Hospital and finished on 20th March 2020. On 21st March 2020, a school bus came to take us back to school. We were aware of rumours spreading that some schools have released memorandums for school closure to prevent the spread of Covid 19. With our hope to write exams, we started our journey to school.

We arrived at school around 8:00pm from Lilongwe. Unfortunately, while on our way back to school, a memorandum from our school was also released for closure of school. We were very tired. We were confused with that memorandum that nursing students who are on their way to write their exams, (meaning us), will not do so due to Covid 19. Usually we sit for end of semester exams after completing all practicals for that semester. Now things have changed due to incoming of Covid 19. It has absolutely altered a lot of things negatively. Covid 19 has made us not to write the exams of second semester of 3rd year and we are hoping to write soon after this pandemic.

With this pandemic I am at home with my parents. I have assisted my parents with harvesting farm crops.

To find out more about Medic to Medic or how to support students like Sophlet visit our website at medictomedic.org.uk

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