Engagement and Connectedness in this Covid Era

This pandemic has truly highlighted that in this globalized world, what happens on the other side of this physical planet can affect people around the globe. We are living in an age of global communities and vast connectedness. Involvement and engagement with those both physically near to us and around the world has never been more important– or more achievable. 

Our brothers and sisters in Malawi are still suffering under the strain of the virus as cases and deaths continue to rise. The absolute numbers of health workers in Malawi are chronically, critically low, only making the situation worse. 

We at Medic to Medic aim to support healthcare trainees, as these students are critical to improving health and well-being in Malawi. Our students are passionate about healthcare and pioneering better health in their local communities.

Medic to Medic responded quickly to the coronavirus crisis in Malawi by providing students with critical PPE through an emergency appeal, raising our largest amount in a single campaign ever. Because of generous supporters like you, we partnered with local tailors and suppliers in Malawi to produce PPE kits for our health worker graduates. This approach protected local incomes and equipped health workers on the front lines so that Malawi prepared for its own pandemic response. 

We are so grateful to all who helped support this massively successful appeal. Click here for the full campaign report (and lots of photos!).

This emergency appeal has ended, but did you know there are still lots of simple ways to support Medic to Medic?

Like this Facebook post

Support Noah and his recycling campaign by liking this Facebook post. If he gets 90 more likes, we can enter phase 2 of the competition for a chance to win £1600!

Its that easy.

Play the One Lottery

One lottery easy to play, only £1 per week for a chance to win lots of weekly prizes and even a £25,000 jackpot! Medic to Medic gets 80% of the profit. What could be easier or more fun?

Click here to get started.

Support our Cyclists

Medic to Medic students Gift and Moses participated remotely in My Prudential Ride London and cycled amazing distances. Their fundraising page is still active. What a great way to cheer these guys on and raise crucial money for Medic to Medic at the same time. 

Shop Online

Something we’ve been doing a lot more of since pandemic started. Sign up for EasyFundraising here and shop through the website, which features hundreds of your favorite shops and brands. Medic to Medic gets a percentage, and its completely free for you.

With support options this fun and easy, why not get involved today?

For more ways to get involved and more information visit our website at medictomedic.org.uk


Coronavirus in Malawi

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