Cycling for the Cause

Medic to Medic students have been busy over the weekend- Gift and Moses cycled 26.5 and 85 km respectively in a cycling challenge to raise support for Medic to Medic.

They participated in the Prudential Ride London, a cycling event organised this year so that participants could join in from any country in the world.


Gift is 22 years old and studying to be a Clinical Officer. He chose his route and sent us some photos and updates along his journey.

A person riding a bike down a dirt road

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Behind me are maize silos at Kanengo where the government of Malawi stores maize after buying from local farmers…..

Asking them why they were not wearing masks, they said they find it hard to breathe when they use masks so the best they do is stay away from each other… maintaining social distance… I had the privilege of civic educating them on how they can prevent the Coronavirus.

I have reached my destination…. Kamuzu International Airport.

It’s been a rough ride for me bearing in mind of the bike I used. So I cycled slowly in order to reach the intended destination. Again it was abit risky to ride on the highway without a protective helmet. But all in all,  it’s been quite an experience for me and am glad to have participated.

Next time, I feel it will be better if we get informed of the activity in good time to give room for preparation.

Gift was in a clinical phase of his study at Karonga District Hospital in the north of Malawi when the government declared school closures due to Covid-19. He has since returned to his home village to wait for schools to reopen. 

He has a passion for the medical field, as his mother died in child birth when he was just three years old. 


Moses is studying pharmacy at the College of Medicine, hoping to one day be a clinical professor of herbal medicines and to regulate the use of herbal and conventional medicines. He says many people in Malawi do not understand the drugs they are taking. He hopes to one day have a clinic or hold classes to educate people. 

Moses sent us some photos and information about his cycling plans as well. 

A bicycle parked on the side of a road

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I’ll start off at 8:00am from Thyolo District (council office) Hospital to Limbe Market (Blantyre). This takes about 4hrs. Therefore by 12:00 noon I shall be in Limbe.

It’s 85km……. but I don’t know how many miles.”

Since the university closed for Covid-19 he has been in his home village in the Thyolo District, spending his time farming, mining sand, and running a small-scale business to support himself and his family. 

A massive well-done and thank you to Gift and Moses for their efforts!


Want to donate to Gift and Moses? There’s still plenty of time! Click here to donate to their amazing efforts.

Registration for the event is still open. Join in the fun and support Medic to Medic by clicking here.

Want to find out more or donate to support students like Gift and Moses? Visit us at

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